Land - a Rare Commodity

Even in concentrated urban areas there are many potential development opportunities such as coach houses and stable blocks, small parcels of land, derelict buildings, properties with large gardens and car parks.

In addition to these speculative opportunities there is an increasingly strong demand for building plots where detailed planning approval has already been obtained, these can be for single dwellings for self-builders to blocks of flats and larger sites for professional developers.

What is the best way to sell my land?

There is always a keen interest from buyers in land and development sites and Hollis Morgan is well equipped to advise you as to the best route to maximise the final sale price.

  • Public Auction – An intense marketing period followed by a public auction with the fall of the gavel at a successful auction, not only, establishing the final sale price but the fall of the gavil is an automatic exchange of contracts.
  • Tender – Ideal for larger plots of land where developers may respond better to more flexibility and privacy.
  • Private Treaty - Quoting a price and negotiating a sale – this works particularly well especially when we are able to match potential buyers to particular sites.

Why Hollis Morgan?

We are looking for land across the West Country. Whilst the majority of our contacts are based in Bristol and North Somerset we have a mailing list of over 15,000 local, national and international buyers.

We are interested in all opportunities however large or small - contact the for a free appraisal.

View a summary of previous successful sales – we have clients ready, willing and able to purchase these types of opportunities.

Land Archive

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