Planning Permission
Reducing Risk + Increasing Value

Do you have a building plot, want to sell a section of your garden or purchased a parcel of land or garages as an investment and think it has development potential?

Want to know what is it worth and how best to sell it?

  • Hollis Morgan are asked to value land and potential sites on a daily basis and generally the value of the land is directly proportional to how much money a developer can generate or its GDV (Gross Development Value).
  • The GDV generally defines the value and unless you have planning consents for a specific scheme it can often be difficult to judge by both us and your potential buyers – this is the Risk element.
  • To solve this Hollis Morgan have created a partnership with planning professionals Stokes Morgan Planning Consultants to offer a complete service to reduce the risks to your buyers and maximise the sale value of your land.

Stokes Morgan are known for providing a high quality, cost effective planning service whilst Hollis Morgan are the most successful auctioneers in Bristol & North Somerset – a perfect Morgan marriage!!

Stokes Morgan
Hollis Morgan, Estate Agents & Auctioneers - new homes

When selling development opportunities with potential we recommend two options to add value to your sale and reduce the risk for your buyers.

Professional Planning Appraisal
( PPA )

This is a professional appraisal of the development potential of the site by qualified Chartered Planners including proposed drawings - its quick and doesn’t cost you anything as its paid for by your buyer.

Outline Planning

By getting your own planning permission, you can remove much of the planning risk for developers. We feel the best way of doing this is to secure outline planning permission, which approves the principle of housing on a site and provides the certainty that developers need, but still leave flexibility for them to impose their own ideas.

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