The Hollis Morgan philosophy is based on combining traditional high street agency with modern technology allowing us to build lasting relationships by listening to clients, understanding their situation and delivering on our advice.

The Hollis Morgan team, with over 150 years combined estate agency experience, pride themselves not only on achieving the best results but the satisfaction of a job well done - this pragmatic approach has enabled us to build the largest firm of auctioneers in the Region. Covid led to dramatic adjustments to our industry, famous for our large public auctions Hollis Morgan have successfully adapted by launching a monthly Live Online Auction service – a fully interactive platform for Buying & Selling all types of land and property.

A Live online auction has all the benefits of a traditional auction such as speed & transparency but with the advantage of buyers being able to bid from anywhere with the auction streamed live on the Hollis Morgan website with the choice to bid by telephone, proxy or online - the feedback from our clients is hugely positive and we are committed to this 21st century method of selling land and property.

In 2023 Hollis Morgan sold the most ( £58.3m ) land & property by auction in our region for the 14th year running.

Hollis Morgan achieved a 98% success rate on lots offered in 2023.

26% of all the regions auction lots were successfully sold by Hollis Morgan in 2023.

Since 2010 Hollis Morgan have Sold More Lots by auction ( £528m ) than any other firm in the region - 61% more than our closest rival.

*Source Essential Information Group 2023

Why Hollis Morgan?

Bristol’s most experienced auctioneer Andrew Morgan MBE – with 40 years experience on the rostrum.

The Hollis Morgan team has over 150 years combined estate agency experience.

Auction specific premium adverts on both the UK’s biggest property portals Rightmove & Zoopla.

Digital Mailing list of over 40,000 Local, National, Regional and International Developers, Investors and family buyers.

Regional HQ based in Clifton covering Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Somerset and the wider region.

Innovative yet simple marketing techniques such as virtual tours, drone shots, video tours, hi vis signage and professional photos.

Active and coordinated social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

Why Auction?

Fixed Timescales & Speed - Exchange on the day with a quick & fixed completion of 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

Closure & Control - 10% non refundable deposit taken upon exchange and the deal is done unlike a traditional sale.

High Profile Sale – Intensive 4 - 8 week marketing campaign to make your lot visible and available to all potential buyers.

Guaranteed Price - you set a minimum reserve which protects you from selling for any less than you want.

Transparency & Competitive Bidding - Auction provides a transparency of sale ensuring your lot is sold to the person willing to pay the most on the day.

The 2023 Leader Board of Success!
Bristol, North Somerset & Gloucester Sold Auction Lots

total sold 2023

Did you know… 26% of all the regions auction lots were successfully sold by Hollis Morgan in 2023!

*Source EIG

Total Amount Sold ( £££’s ) by all Auctioneers in 2023

total raised 2023

*Source EIG

Did you know… Hollis Morgan sold the most amount ( £58.3m ) of land and property by auction in our region for the 14th year running!

Total Amount of Auction Lots Sold (£m) 2010 – 2023


Hollis Morgan have sold over £191.45m more land and property by auction than Maggs Allen since 2010


Number of lots in catalogue since 2010


Did you know… Hollis Morgan have listed 38 % more lots in their auction catalogue than Maggs and Allen since 2010.

*Source EIG

Selling a lot under £250,000 in value?

over guide under 250
over guide under 250

Is your lot worth £250,000 - £500,000?

lots 250 to 500
revenue 250 to 500

*Source EIG

Selling a property in excess of £500,000?

lots over 500
revenues over 500

*Source EIG

Selling a Building Plot By Auction?

total raised 2010-2023

Did you know… Hollis Morgan Sold 600% more land, building plots and development sites in 2023 than Maggs Allen.

*Source EIG

Total Raised ( £ ) from Auction sale 2010 to 2023

total raised 2010-2023

Hollis Morgan have sold 60 % more auction land and property lots by auction than Maggs Allen since 2010.

*Source EIG

Close Statistics

Auctions are synonymous with selling properties in need of modernisation and for many years auctions were seen as a niche sector of the property market purely for property professionals.

In more recent times, as fans of day time TV will confirm, buying and selling at auction has become an every day occurrence and the profile of our buyers has changed dramatically with many families and even first time buyers outbidding professional investors and developers.

Auction can be an excellent way of maximising the sale price of prime family homes – especially those with potential.

Competition for such properties across the region is currently frantic with proceedable buyers competing for the scarce supply of quality properties.

Inevitably in these circumstances private treaty sales can often lead to sealed bids – which like an auction has competitive bidding but with the major downside of no closure or exchange until long after agreeing the deal.

Auction is a proven method to create a competitive buying environment but with the huge advantage of an immediate exchange of contracts and a set completion date – giving you the confidence to make onward plans.

Auctions are open to most buyers and are not just restricted to cash buyers - on the contrary we often sell these homes to families with mortgages and bridging loans.

One of the joys of auctions is the chance to sell unusual and unique properties – these can take many forms such as an amazing view, a large garden or a strategic location.

How do you place a value on a view? Often these opportunities are so subjective they fall into the category of “its worth what someone will pay for it” and the auctioneers role is to exploit this to the full, in the excitement of the saleroom, and push the bidding as high as we can!

We have been lucky enough to sell Castles, Woodlands, Chapels, Mansion Houses and even Salmon Estates all achieving prices beyond what would realistically have been obtainable under normal sale methods.

The market for Rural homes and Country living has completely changed since Covid.

Working from home and the demand for “outside space” has dramatically changed the demand and values in this market as a completely new profile of buyers seek a different lifestyle.

Historic sales values are no longer relevant as in this new market buyers will often pay a premium to achieve this ambition - the transparent and competitive nature of an auction is the ideal way to identify the true value of your property.

Buyers are prepared to have a much larger search area and are now more flexible on where they will live and work meaning the traditional local agent may not reach all potential buyers – a sale by auction provides the highest profile and attracts interest from a wider pool of potential buyers.

We are contacted on a daily basis by individuals who are on the market with local estate agents and for a variety of reasons are frustrated with their sale and want to speed up the process – fear not… auction means action!

The reason for not selling can be as simple as bad luck with chains collapsing, the slightly less forgivable terrible photos from the estate agent but more often than not the main reason for a property not selling is down to incorrect marketing and pricing.

Not all properties are suitable for auction but we can advise you on a realistic and achievable reserve and you can judge if this price allows you to move forward.

Our auction buyers have an insatiable appetite for development opportunities across the region looking to renovate and sell or build to let – we have an unrivalled mailing list to market your property directly to these buyers.

There is a never ending demand for all types of opportunities such as large residential properties for the classic flat conversion, commercial properties, former banks, churches and coach houses and everything else in between!

We will not rule out selling anything, anywhere and welcome lots of all sizes and values – we relish the challenge!

We specialise in selling building land for residential, commercial and mixed use schemes. Traditionally our catalogues offer residential plots with planning consent granted from 1 – 20 units, but we also regularly handle speculative land with lapsed or no planning.

We have close contacts with architects and consultants to help appraise your land and advise on whether to sell now or to seek consent – each plot is unique and we can tailor our guidance accordingly.

We also have a thriving New Homes team who can advise you on site GDV’s and sell the completed units.

Sold Land Archive

We have considerable experience of selling Licensed Houses of Multiple Occupation and a large proportion of our catalogue is devoted to HMO’s from across the region.

We specialise in selling both professional and student HMO’s typically ranging in size from 5 – 20 bedrooms.

The buyer profile for HMO’s has changed dramatically over the last decade from what was then a fairly niche sector of professional landlords and investors to what is now a mainstream market attracting all types of property investors seeking the higher than average returns generated by this type of investment.

Interestingly we have witnessed the quality of the accommodation improve beyond belief in recent years with tenants demanding luxurious communal areas and pristine en suites – although we have an equally high demand for properties that need to be updated to keep up with the competition!

Sold HMO Archive

We have a huge demand for Freehold blocks of flats from high-net-worth individuals and property investors, who want to build a portfolio but avoid buying individual flats and having to deal with different management companies.

Crucially they will often pay a premium to control the block and own the Freehold - often leading to a simple and most satisfactory exit strategy.

We have a wide range of experience selling blocks across the region typically Freeholds comprising 2 – 20 units often with commercial premises on the ground floor.

Selling a Freehold block means the vendor does not have to split the legal titles, gain vacant possession or have the cost of multiple conveyancing and the inevitable delay and frustration of arranging individual sales.

Sold Block Archive

We are experienced in selling small to medium size commercial properties and there is currently a huge demand from all types of buyers seeking either an income or looking at other angles.

Given the well documented changes to our High Streets and working practices it often means that the greater value may now lie in an alternative use – the most obvious being a change of use via planning consent to residential.

We are well versed in making sure these opportunities are clearly explained and our team are able to highlight the potential of the property and guide prospective purchasers to suitable professional advisors.

Working closely with our new home steam and other independent commercial agents we can provide estimates of future income and the GDV of conversions to further encourage bidding.

We always have buyers looking for garages and parking for both personal use and investment.

We have an unrivalled reputation and experience for selling a wide range of single, double and tandem garages as well as ranks of up to 100 units to private individuals and investors alike across the region.

The value of inner city parking and garages is incredibly subjective because of the pressure on parking due to the RPZ scheme - the competitive nature of an auction is the ideal way to identify the true value.

We are acutely aware that garage ranks can often be potential development sites for small mews houses and similar schemes and will help identify these and advise you accordingly.

Sold Garage Archive

Following a death if you wish to sell a property the first thing that is required is a valuation of the deceased’s property or probate report.

We can offer a sensitive, professional and fast service to deal with property matters at, what can often be, a very distressing time and can prepare the report, liaise with your own or recommend a suitable solicitor, advise on house clearance and in time handle the sale of the property in order to close the estate and allow the family to move forward.

Probate Home Page

Location of Hollis Morgan Sold Auction Lots 2010 – 2022

Location of Hollis Morgan Sold Auction Lots 2010 – 2022
*Source Rightmove 2023

Where do our buyers come from?

Location of Hollis Morgan UK Auction Leads in 2023
*Source Rightmove 2023

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