Andrew Morgan MBE, Director & Auctioneer

Andrew Morgan MBE

Director & Auctioneer

About Andrew
Olly Hollis, Director & Auction Valuer

Olly Hollis

Director & Auction Valuer

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Calum Melhuish, Director Residential Sales & New Homes

Calum Melhuish

Director Residential Sales & New Homes

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Sarah Western, Office Manager & Auction Compliance

Sarah Western

Office Manager & Auction Compliance

About Sarah
Lucinda Culpin, Auction Sales Manager

Lucinda Culpin

Auction Sales Manager

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Nick Heal, Senior Auction Sales Negotiator

Nick Heal

Senior Auction Sales Negotiator

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Josh Panes, Auction Sales Negotiator

Josh Panes

Auction Sales Negotiator

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Karine Cadoret, Reception and Sales

Karine Cadoret

Reception and Sales

About Karine
Sue Rzeznicki, In House Lawyer

Sue Rzeznicki

In House Lawyer

About Sue
Danielle Luff, Sales Negotiator

Danielle Luff

Sales Negotiator

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Noah Cooper, Auction Sales Negotiator

Noah Cooper

Auction Sales Negotiator

About Noah
Lucy Beer, Auction Administration & Compliance

Lucy Beer

Auction Administration & Compliance

About Lucy
Jen Hasell, Brand & Marketing Manager

Jen Hasell

Brand & Marketing Manager

About Jen